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Using a Job Seekers App Versus Traditional Methods of Job Searching

Most job seekers today use the internet to look for jobs. The use of a job seekers app to search online for jobs is steadily increasing. And some people still prefer using traditional methods of job searching like attending job fairs and circling ads in newspapers. While using a job search app can save both time and money, there are still a few advantages to traditional methods of job searching, when used to support a job search app.

Nothing beats convenience

The best advantage of using a job search app (such as miService) is its convenience. From any comfortable place, you can access hundreds of job listings, and even focus the search to a specific area. You no longer need to keep driving or riding buses to go around looking for job openings. You even get the convenience of being able to upload your resume/CV and sending it directly to your employer of choice.

Saving money

Job searching using a job search app like miService can save you a lot of money. Using the app eliminates the cost of transportation in going around companies, printing resumes/CVs and cover letters, and paying for postage when mailing applications to prospective employers. A job search app like miService is also FREE. It’s free to download and free to register. You don’t pay for any premium upgrades. Just download and start using.

But Competition might be a disadvantage

You need to be aware that competition will be tight since many people are already using job search apps. All the advantages mentioned above will also appeal to others. You’re competing for jobs within your area as well as with others outside that area, who need jobs in your area.

So, this is where a few of the “traditional” advantages come in. Aside from using a job search app, check out any job fairs happening in your area, and check out if the jobs in the fair also appear on the app. If you have a network of friends, peers, and professionals, sometimes the adage, “It’s not what you know, but whom you know,” may also be useful. There’s nothing wrong with asking around if anyone has heard anything about a job hiring.

miService Job Search App

The miService Job Seekers App is both a convenient and practical way to search for jobs, particularly part-time jobs for students, internships, and apprenticeship jobs. The GPS map integration lets you find real jobs in real-time in your local area, while giving you real-time notifications and even access to a range of job options. To download for free, visit the miService website at or go to the App Store or Google PlayStore.

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Posts by Admin | March 10, 2020
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