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Find Industries Hiring during the Pandemic (Use a Job Search Apps)

A myriad of non-essential businesses has been forced to close in Australia – retail shops, restaurants, travel, leisure entertainment – no thanks to the raging pandemic. Yet some industries have remained open because of their essentiality or simply shifting gears to adapt. So, if you’re looking for a job during this pandemic time, don’t lose hope because there are large companies and smaller regional ones open and hiring. And you can easily find these industries by using job search apps like miService. 

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores – big or small – at the start of the pandemic are already designated as “essential.” They need more personnel to keep shelves stocked, manage supply chain challenges, and keep their doors open, often almost 24 hours, to serve the community. And since many people are reluctant to leave home even to buy food, delivery service demand is increasing.


At the start of the pandemic, many online shopping stores like Amazon needed to hire additional full and part-time staffers to meet the surge in demand and to their increase in global investments.

Pizza Delivery

Believe it or not, there hasn’t been a downturn in this sector even with the pandemic. Australians love their pizza and locked down families will consume pizza at least twice a month. The country’s pizza powerhouses and even local shops are announcing upticks in staffing and delivery.

Online Education

Schools all over the country are closing as fast as they are trying to open up again. Many parents are also keeping their kids in online classes for fear of the COVID-19 spread. Most schools are already turning to online education. There are less rigorous requirements for this teaching platform so long as the applicant has some teaching background and a reliable internet connection.

Digital Technology

Everything that needs to use internet technology, as well as computers and mobile phones, have been invaluable in helping companies transition their employees to work from home. Technology has played the largest part in keeping businesses or people up and running. It can be seen with many major tech and web companies advertising to hire more people.

Working Families

Many parents fully employed are now forced to hire childcare for the coming months, especially with school openings held in limbo at least. Anyone into childcare or experienced with it can negotiate or work out flexible options for time and salary.

Use miService to Find These Jobs

To quickly find work in these pandemic times, one of the fastest methods is to use job search apps such as miService. All you need is to download for FREE, create a login when you register, and you can search all the jobs you want, in any local area that you desire so that can be near your home or anywhere in the state. To download miService, go to

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Posts by Admin | September 21, 2020
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