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Acing that Online Student Jobs Australia Job Interview as If You Were There in Person

In this age wherein the job search app is taking the place of job fairs, and even networking when it comes to job hunting for student jobs Australia, many companies are also using online virtual applications and interviews to screen the field of contenders without spending loads of valuable time shifting through paper CVs and doing face-to-face interviews; and the applicants don’t spend money on travel. Aside from one-on-one online interviews, today’s technology even allows for panel interviews.

New Challenges

Though fulfilling practicality and convenience, online virtual interviews present its own set of challenges, just as personal interviews did in the past. Thus, you need to be fully prepared even before you turn on your computer.

Make Sure Everything is Ready

Be sure all the technology to be used during the interview is working. Test the internet connectivity, the microphone, and camera to be sure everything goes well without a hitch. Technology glitches during the interview will cast doubt on your ability to impress, interest in the job, technological savvy, and ability to present.

Prepare the Background

Either manipulate your computer and webcam so there’s a blank wall behind you, or there is a professional setting such as a bookshelf. Don’t ever make the mistake of having your unmade bed or nude poster in the background. Turn off all music, TV, and radio noises, and make sure pets and children don’t make a sudden and unannounced appearance.

Dress Properly

Just because it’s an online interview doesn’t mean you can appear in your bedroom pyjamas. Wear an outfit the same way you would for an in-person interview. Avoid bright and distracting colours or sparkling jewellery. You want the interviewer to focus on you.

Pretend It’s an In-Person Interview

Like a face-to-face interview, sit up straight, maintain the illusion of eye contact by looking at the webcam and not at the computer screen image. Don’t slouch, yawn, or fidget.

Get it Right So Do Your Research

You won’t just be answering questions about yourself and your qualifications. So, it’s important to research in advance about the job and the company, and thus, be able to tell the interviewer how you and your skillset can fit well into the job and company. Because you’re online, you need to emphasise more using voice intonation and facial expression to convey enthusiasm.

Be Yourself

Instead of trying to be the person you think the interviewer is looking for, be yourself. Being yourself is the best way to highlight what you can offer.

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Posts by Admin | March 24, 2020
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