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Finding Part-Time or Casual Student Jobs During the Pandemic

Schools and companies understand the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many student’s chances of getting part-time or casual student jobs to make ends meet, or in compliance with an internship requirement. But in reality, analysts are surprised that even with a pandemic and lockdowns, companies are still offering part-time work and internships. Compare this during the 2008 financial crisis in which all hiring completely stopped for several months.

Hiring for Face-to-Face Casual Student Jobs

If students aren’t squeamish or exclusively looking for work from home jobs (which is harder to find), there are numerous part-time (and even full-time) work available. Given the circumstances, the leisure, travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors aren’t currently hiring, and probably won’t for at least a year. However, “essential” sectors such as retail, medicine, health, and logistics need more active recruits. Here are some examples of job vacancies available:

  • Organisations and NGOs connected to the medical and healthcare sectors are in dire need of workers.
  • Online sellers such as Amazon are doing mass-hiring for delivery and warehouses.
  • Some banks and credit unions are hiring tellers because many tellers quit their jobs.
  • Groceries need workers for delivery services.
  • Third-party food delivery services (such as Uber).
  • Some pharmaceutical companies.
  • Tutoring services for children and teenagers.
  • Some chain and local restaurants.

You can also check out the websites of local radio stations since some hiring managers are contacting them to announce that they are hiring.

How to look for jobs

Even with face-to-face jobs, applications and interviews are most likely to take place online. So, pertaining to looking for work, social distancing protocols means you can’t enter into offices to inquire or submit a CV, and you physically can’t meet up with your network. 

While you can search company websites, recruitment agencies, and sites such as LinkedIn, the faster and more practical method would be using a job search apps such as miService.

miService Job Search AppsInstead of jumping from one website to the other, a faster and more practical way to search for casual student jobs is to use miService. You can easily download for FREE and register for FREE to be able to log in. Searching, applying, and even getting notifications of jobs based on your skill sets become easy with miService. It can also search for jobs within a given locality. Get your own miService job search app today from

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Posts by Admin | July 17, 2020
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