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How Mobile Apps Has Transformed the Search for Casual Student Jobs

Out of necessity, searching for a job cannot be compared to anything we do daily, such as house chores, because we all have to do it due to survival. This is why even high school and college students have casual student jobs at an early age to earn extra money or to save up for the future. Thus, the job search became the basis of another mobile concept. Beginning in 2015, the job search entered the world of mobile technology in the name of convenience.

Simplifying the app use

As the concept for job search mobile apps became more streamlined, developers understood that the hard work should be with the job itself, not in the process of job searching. A decade ago, job fairs were still the “in” thing for job searching while online job searching meant jumping from one company website to another and looking over their career page.

Today, mobile job search apps like miService have combined all the old-school ways of job searching with online methods. When job hunting, the user can focus on a specific type of work and even search within a particular area. This is thanks to GPS map integration technology. This means that job listings and other job options show up on the app in real-time. Resumes and CVs are easily uploaded and sent to the potential employer as well as any profile from the applicant that is needed. This is all done in the name of convenience.

More efficiency when applying

Mobile job search apps now allow you to search for jobs based on skills or experience, and often the search is more personalised. You can also search for jobs in areas that are near your school or your residence. Many job searchers before used to complain that online job boards felt very impersonal and static. While the internet was able to consolidate job listings in just one place and searching only meant sitting down in front of a computer, it did not have the personalised touch of a job search app.

Interview from anywhere

In the past, after endless applications and searches online and in job fairs, even when an interview is granted, the next obstacle was getting to the company premises on the other side of the city. With job search apps like miService, hiring managers and employers cut down on hiring time by initiating interviews online, using tools such as Skype, Viber, Telegram, etc. The employer readily informs the applicant through the mobile app that an online interview can be set up.

The convenience of miService

Not only is the miService Job Search App convenient as stated above, but when it comes to searching for casual student jobs, the miService mobile app can be downloaded for FREE. This means that students won’t be pressured into paying for anything. They can download and register for free, and immediately start searching for part-time jobs. Visit the miService website at to download for free today.

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Posts by Admin | March 17, 2020
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