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How to Find Temporary Jobs for Students During a Pandemic

The road to your college senior year has become arduous with the mayhem of online classes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And suddenly, you are also trying to navigate this strange new normal when trying to look for temporary jobs for students. Temporary or part-time jobs are essential to many college students, especially in the summer, because it gives them a chance to earn some money for both tuition payments and personal needs. For fresh graduates, it allows them to make money while applying for something better or more permanent.

If you’re struggling to find part-time work while in quarantine, here are a few helpful suggestions to get on track.

Do the proper research

Don’t just type out random keywords even if they’re related to jobs. Research the different professional fields connected to your major or area of academic interest. Also, research about companies related to your academic area. If you’re still unsure how to do things, you can always download the miService Job Search Apps for FREE and do your searching with it.

Network online

Even if you can’t network face-to-face, quarantine is a surprisingly good time to delve into your Facebook and LinkedIn friends and acquaintances (and all their connections). Now is the best time to take advantage of the internet and also connect with alumni whom you know. You can even go as far as connecting with your parent’s or sibling’s co-workers to see if they know any temporary jobs for students.

Improve your CV and resume

Craft up and give some style to your CV or resume. Just don’t overdo it or else it may look like a wedding invitation. Just style it up enough so it looks formal, not plain and dull. Outline in as much detail as possible all work experience, including volunteer work. Also focus on academic focus, skill sets, certificates, honours, and awards. You should also include extracurricular activities and leadership positions because you may find jobs connected to these.

Practice online interviews

Because of the present situation, most employers may opt for an online interview instead. Technology allows you to practice your online interview skills. Ask a family member or friend to act as the hiring manager and call you for an “interview.” Afterwards, you can both discuss points for improvements and other things that need to be noted.

miService Job Search AppsWhen you download miService for FREE, you can use the app to help you search for the right temporary jobs for students based on your academic or skills parameters. You can even search based on location. miService understands that searching for jobs involves real people and real jobs, so they need to give real results. For the best job search results, download and register with miService for FREE at

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Posts by Admin | September 7, 2020
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