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How to Search Online for Jobs or Student Jobs Australia (Or You Can Use a Job Search App)

Your life is hectic because of your busy life looking for a job. Or you don’t have a lot of time to go searching for a job because you’re a student looking for student jobs Australia. You don’t want to waste time in traffic or hopping from one company to another going job hunting. So, you can either use your computer to do online job searches or use a job search app.

Because it’s the 21st century, job searching has gone online, and there are even apps to search for jobs at specific geographical locations. You can do a job search just by sitting in your living room computer or using your smartphone.

Job Search Apps

Job searching applications on smartphones have changed the way job hunting is done, even to the extent of being able to target specific positions or companies. It would seem that the days of attending job fairs at malls and schools might slowly go extinct. Since you can do the job application process on these apps from your phone or tablet, gone are the days when you needed to lug a folder around loaded with printed resumes and CVs. These apps can even match your skills with open jobs, and help you apply directly to the company.

Some Tips in Using Job Search Apps:

Shorten your resume for smartphone use

Instead of the traditional 1- or 2-page resume or CV, you need to distil your page so it fits a smartphone screen. So, highlight your most significant skills and experience. Prioritise your most marketable credentials to capture any hiring manager’s attention. And don’t forget a great photo, a compelling headline, and some positive attitudes that sound professional.

Know vital keywords

Job search apps use smart algorithms to match relevant skills with open jobs. These algorithms rely on keywords that highlight skills and experiences. These keywords are vital for job searching to find the right matches. 

Be professional

Even when using a job search app, you still need to be professional in how you look, sound, and when corresponding with employers. Online dialogue may seem casual, but always be accurate with your skills and experience, proper grammar, attention to detail, and professional etiquette. Remember, this isn’t social media. Your professional future is at stake.

Use miService Job Search App. When going job hunting or searching for student jobs Australia, miService job search app is right for you. It uses GPS map integration to search for jobs in a localised area, easily sends resumes and CVs, has a camera function, real-time job notifications, and access to diverse job ranges. To download the FREE app or for enquiries, visit the miService website,

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Posts by Admin | January 22, 2020
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