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Job Interview Questions for Casual Student Jobs Amid the Pandemic

Good on ya! You got the job interview. It’s a step closer to landing the job. But it’s a challenging climate, so you need to prepare for job interview questions that are more tailored to the pandemic period. Getting an interview for casual student jobs will also feel a bit strange since everything must be done remotely on a video platform.

(Note: Always make sure you’re wearing a complete interview outfit with trousers; you never know when you need to stand up. Also, make sure your background is passably professional)

How are you feeling?

Given the current circumstances, small talk can take on a deeper meaning. It’s a way for the hiring manager to gauge the tone of the interview. Responses may be different depending on the person’s situation, but it reveals the struggles since there is no shame in acknowledging that the pandemic is affecting you. What’s wrong is if the candidate’s response is disconnected from the situation.

Have you learned anything new in the past months?

This is more of an “honesty” question to gauge how much the candidate is struggling. So, don’t be ashamed to admit that the pandemic struggles is not motivating you to learn something new. But if you have done something, such as joining webinars or taking online courses to further your skills, by all means, share it.

Are you willing to work in the office/store/factory despite the pandemic?

While some casual student jobs may involve working from home, most will include being physically at the work area, especially if you applied for positions for deliveries, stockman, cashier, etc. You always need to be prepared to go to work based on the current situation. Also, enquire as to what health and safety protocols are being implemented by the company. 

What’s your home set-up like?

The hiring manager may ask this just in case they need you to work from home. After all, potential employers have the right to ask about a candidate’s home working environment. They need to make sure that the candidate has a computer with internet access, and perhaps a landline. 

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Posts by Admin | September 29, 2020
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