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Job Search Apps: Will Work Change When the Lockdown is Over?

What kind of job vacancies await those looking for jobs or a career change post-pandemic? In a recent study conducted by the Australian ING Bank, the report states that at least one in three – or 35% – Australian adults are likely to look for a new job. Of this number, some 12% are considering a career change towards essential or semi-essential services to ensure their job relevancy. This makes job search apps such as miService all the more viable to adapt to the technological advancement and skills evolution unleashed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What jobs will be in demand?

According to the Australian government, industries where employment has grown strongly, even with the advent of the pandemic lockdowns this year, include Construction, Education and Training, Professional Scientific and Technical Services, Social Assistance, and Health Care.

Naturally, the highest demand for jobs is the health care sector, such as nurses, aged-care workers, and hospital support staff.

A surprising sector advertising for jobs is IT Services. Though most IT staff can work from home, many could not endure a work-from-home environment and opted out. With lockdown protocols finally relaxing, offices are opening up again, with a high demand for IT support staff, IT-enabled service providers, call centre and virtual assistant workers, and other IT-related workers including marketing staff.

Major infrastructure projects and building grants will be up and going again, so jobs in the construction industry will be in demand still. 

Jobs in the social assistance industry will be needed to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), hospital investments, childcare, and home-care based services.

Other workers that will be needed for semi-essential services will also include:

  • Software and applications programmers
  • Management and organisation analysts
  • Accountants and bookkeepers
  • Applied blockchain technology professionals
  • Primary school teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Education aides

Demand for jobs will rise

According to the latest Seek Employment Trends Report, the need for jobs has already increased in June and will steadily rise in July and the coming months. All states and territories have shown job ads growth in the last two weeks alone, with Tasmania and Queensland recording the highest growth.

It will also be noted that the jobs in high demand are also those that will allow people to stay at least 1.5 metres away from each other.

miService Job Search AppsWhether you will be looking for a job post-pandemic or right now, you’ll need all the help you can get. Conventional means of looking for work are out of the question because of health protocols in place. You will need dependable job search apps such as miService. You can download and register for FREE. It has features you will need such as GPS map integration, sending resumes to job choices, camera function to upload profiles, and access and notifications so you’ll never miss a job option or posting. To download the app for free, go to today.

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