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Job Seekers App: Finding Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across the world, Australia and other countries have opted to start up the economy by slowly having both essential and non-essential businesses open up. These were the businesses that closed in February and March of this year when the lockdowns began. But, finding work during this time of the pandemic is not impossible. If you download the miService job seekers app and do a search, you’ll be surprised at the number of jobs available for applications.

There are jobs even during a pandemic

Based on the news alone, everyone is aware that the Australian labour market took a significant blow when the economy tilted a bit due to the pandemic. 

Despite Australian jobs taking a huge hit, the latest Seek Employment Trend Report has revealed that job advertising has been steadily rising beginning in March. The highest peak reached was in June after restrictions began easing off across the country. More jobs are likely to be advertised in July. 

Looking at some key insights:

  • June sees the highest new job ads posted, up to 60.6%.
  • Most new jobs are concentrated in essential and semi-essential industries.
  • All states show an increase in job ad activity, with Queensland and Tasmania recording the highest growth.
  • There has also been an increase in the number of enquiries for business mergers or to buy businesses.

Job seeking recommendations

So, yes, there have always been jobs available even as far back as March when all this started. However, given the extraordinary circumstances in applying for jobs, we recommend the following while using your job seekers app:

  • Be clear about the job role you want

This won’t be a rosy time to find work despite what the statistics are showing us. Competition for jobs will also be heavy. You need to be clear what job you really want based on your strengths and skills.

  • Use your online network

You can’t use conventional networking at this time, so use your online contacts, especially on social media, to reach out for work. Your miService job search app can help you with your online network.

  • Build up your online presence

Conventional job appearances are out of the question, so recruiters are looking for “strong” candidates online. Make sure your online profiles, such as in LinkedIn, carry strong keywords.

  • Tailor your application

Your resume/CV should focus on the specific job being applied for. Pay attention to the responsibilities and address them. Fill in the gaps later if the recruiter asks during the online interview. If they don’t, this is because they’re too busy trying to fill up vacancies.

miService Job Seekers App

miService is a job search app that’s so easy to use. All you need is to download (it’s FREE), register and create a login (for FREE), search your desired job, and click ‘Apply.’ And it comes with a GPS map integration, camera function to upload a profile, and access and notifications to a diverse range of job options. miService is the only job seekers app you need when looking for a job even during this time of the pandemic. To learn more or to download the app, go to the miService website,

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Posts by Admin | June 26, 2020
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