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Jobs for Students: The Importance and Benefits of Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship is a work-based placement that combines on-the-job training with continued study towards a recognised qualification. The apprenticeship job has to be in line with the student’s college or university course and a requirement for graduation. The same also applies with Year 12, though sometimes apprenticeships for Year 12 can occur after graduation. So, instead of looking for jobs for students, students need to look for apprenticeship jobs that are aligned with their course.

Apprenticeships are Paid Programmes

Today’s apprenticeships are paid programmes that also provide monetary allowances funded both by the government and the relevant employer. They now cover not just the usual traditional industries such as carpentry, mechanics, and construction, but also IT, media, retail, tourism, law, business, and accountancy, to name a few. Apprenticeships always have a formal signed agreement between the employer and student who is now treated as a regular employee.

Benefits of an Apprenticeship


Students will learn more by now applying what they learned in the classrooms on their job. All their skills and knowledge now go into practical use in a working environment. Valuable experience is gained from actual experience in the real world.


The apprenticeship will complete your course requirements, but most of all, it will show up in your resume/CV that you are highly qualified in your field.


As mentioned earlier, the student earns a salary or allowance while working, usually at the minimum wage relevant to the student’s age. Thus, the monetary gain offsets any essential spending on the part of the students, such as bus fares, food, etc.


When a student completes an apprenticeship, most likely, he or she may be offered full-time employment, especially if the quality of work done was more than satisfactory.

Transferable Skills

Aside from the relevant qualification, all on-the-job training work will equip you with valuable experience and skills for any future employment.


Meeting a lot of professionals, whether connected to the student’s qualifications or not, can be a massive boost for any career. During your stint as an apprentice, you will undoubtedly meet a lot of people along the way.

Higher Earning Potential

Apprenticeships mean qualifications. This and your job experience and training can earn you over AUD$100,000 more in the course of your career, compared to those without apprenticeships.

How to Find an Apprenticeship Job

Aside from the government database, you can search for an apprenticeship using miService Job Search App. It can also search any government database for available apprenticeships using the GPS map integration, as well as search for jobs for students should you also need to search for part-time jobs. Visit the miService website today at to download and register for FREE.

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