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When Applying for Jobs for Students, Never Put These 7 Things on Your Resume

Today’s job seekers are lucky because they have technology on their side. Now they can just download a job search app for free (like miService Job Search App), register for free, and start searching immediately for jobs for students.

But wait, even while technology has made job hunting more convenient, also while finding jobs can be done with just a few clicks, you still need to upload and submit your resume or CV. And whether you like it or not, your resume/CV is the sales window to yourself. Everything can start or abruptly stop with your resume/CV. All it takes is one mistake, and the hiring manager won’t even continue reading. Thus, pay attention also to what your resume/CV shouldn’t include.

An Outlandish Objective

Saying that you want to be the next “Steve Jobs” or you’re going to be the next web design sensation and other outlandish and overconfident statements will get you nowhere, and no one will read the rest of your resume.

Irrelevant Job Experience

Sure, you were the best mascot for Henry’s Hot Dog, but what does that have to do with applying for an IT job apprenticeship?


Stick to professional awards. Winning an eating contest at the fair or becoming a member of a fraternity or sorority are not professional achievements.

Pictures and Physical Attributes

Submitted online resumes/CVs no longer require photos of the applicant. Some companies may request a screenshot of a social media or other profile that includes your picture (miService allows you to do this in seconds). However, leave out describing your “physical attributes” as your “smokin’ bod” and “ripped abs” won’t impress any hiring manager.


Today’s resumes and CVs no longer require you to include hobbies as these are entirely irrelevant to job applications. However, should the hiring manager ask you about your hobbies, avoid mentioning strange hobbies like “knitting sweaters for my pet dogs.” Stick to more realistic hobbies like gardening, running in marathons, or miniature train dioramas.

Private Matters

Children topics, age, as well as political and religious affiliations have no place in a resume/CV. These things might influence the employer not to hire you.

Personal Information

Never include your social security number and other sensitive information. They could be stolen or be used in identity theft should your resume be compromised.

First impressions always count

When it comes to finding the right jobs for students, your resume/CV is your first impression, and this should count a lot. You need to ensure that your resume will give a good impression by not including negative aspects such as the ones mentioned above. But again, before anything, you need to search for a job and apply for it. You can do all these faster when you download and register for FREE with miService Job Search App. To download, go to the miService website at

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Posts by Admin | March 31, 2020
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