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Student Jobs Australia Will Gain You Better Work Experience or Open You for Internships

Working a part-time job while studying in high school or college may seem hard to some. However, many students see the added benefits of doing student jobs Australia while studying because:

  • Students get better work experience even at a young age;
  • Part-time jobs open you to more opportunities for internships or future job placements.

Work Experience

This refers to any time spent experiencing what a place of work is like and experiencing the actual work done in the workplace. Experience in any workplace prior to a first job has become sought after by employers. This is because employers understand that no amount of classroom work can adequately prepare a student for the workplace. Only actual work experience can do that. Thus, those who have had actual hands-on work experience have an edge on those without.


An internship can last anything from a couple of months to a full year. Internships are one level higher than part-time work experience. You will be treated much more like an employee and often have your own workspace. Internships are offered to graduating students or fresh graduates outside of school term time. This is because some internships are compulsory in university, college, or Year 12 courses.

How to Apply for Student Jobs or Part-time Jobs

Start your job search at least some weeks before the intended time you want to start working. This way, should you fail to find something suitable, you still have time to do more job searching. Also, when you do find work, you also need time beforehand for the training process.

To help you in the job search process, download the miService Job Search App. It’s FREE. Just register to log in, search for the desired job, and apply. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. You can even adjust your search to a specific local area, whether near your school or place of residence. It only takes a couple of clicks to upload and send your resume to your desired job of choice. All job listings and options are in real-time.

The requirements for applicants will vary depending on the company, but usually, a resume or CV is the standard initial submission. Some companies may ask you to complete an online application for record purposes. Make sure to clearly demonstrate your knowledge and skills in your CV relevant to the work desired. State in your CV what you can bring to the company such as key competencies.

miService Job Search App

Gone are the days of going door-to-door on foot to search for student jobs Australia. Now, all you need to search for part-time jobs is to download miService Job Search App. Download and register for free. It’s a cool way to do a job search without leaving your home or school. Visit the miService website today at

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Posts by Admin | February 26, 2020
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