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Facing Uncertainty, Students Can Use Job Seekers App to Find Summer Jobs

Job hunting students today face uncertainty in looking for summer jobs. But they also face opportunity if they use the right tools for job searching, such as using a job seekers app like miService. In reality, it is a struggle to find summer work in a pandemic economy. But if you know where and how to look, you won’t come out empty-handed.

The Grim Picture (and where not to look for jobs)

The pandemic has almost totally decimated the travel and leisure industry, so don’t go looking for jobs in these sectors that governments consider “non-essential.” Thousands of jobs have been lost due to closure of airlines, hotels, cruise ships, amusement parks, and other non-essential travel- and leisure-connected companies. Yes, some hotels and restaurants are opening again, but they’re not hiring, at least for the next six months or more.

If your academic areas are focused on these sectors, it is advisable to divert your job search somewhere else, or find other skills to exploit.

Know Where to Look

Many tech companies are still on their feet because they can send their employees to work from home. Surprisingly, a large number of tech employees are leaving their jobs because they can’t handle working from home. These vacancies need to be filled, even if some of them are summer jobs or part-time jobs. These temporary jobs may even lead to internships if you know how to play your cards right.

Many supermarkets and retailers are bouncing back because they have been labelled as essential. These stores are going on a hiring bonanza to cope with increased demand for warehousing, deliveries, and online services. 

Some government agencies and health care institutions are also hiring temporarily to fill up jobs involved in the pandemic such as tracing, research, warehousing, deliveries, and utilities. If you’re not squeamish about undergoing work of this nature, then, by all means, jump into it. 

miService Job Seeker AppsTo improve your chances of finding the right summer job, you can use miService job seekers app. It’s an easy job search app to use, and it’s FREE. That’s right, you can download the app for FREE. All you need to do after is register for free to be able to log in, search for the desired job, and click on the ‘Apply’ button. You can use the apps’ GPS map integration to also search for jobs in a desired location or area. Sending your CV or resume is also easy with just one click. You can even access a diverse range of job options and receive notifications. Everything happens in real-time. To download miService for FREE, visit the website at

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Posts by Admin | September 15, 2020
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