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Using Job Search Apps: A Teenager’s First CV

The school year has ended and a new one is soon to begin again. Meanwhile, competition for part-time jobs or jobs for apprenticeships is heating up just before the opening of the new school year. Today’s tech-savvy teenagers are more than adept in searching for their own jobs using job search apps. But with job searching comes writing a Curriculum Vitae (CV). So, what does a teenager put into his/her first CV?

What employers look for

Most teenagers searching for part-time work to earn money usually apply for positions such as retail assistants, hospitality, and other low-skilled manual work.

Here’s what employers search for in potential candidates:

  • In stocking shelves and other warehouse work – physical fitness; orderliness; tidiness; cleanliness; can work at an accurate and fast pace even when unsupervised; and sense of maturity.
  • Cash register personnel – fast in bag packing; able to stand for long periods of time; focused mind; attention to detail; able to count money and change quickly; able to handle grumpy customers and customer complaints calmly; efficient; friendly; and sociable.
  • Hospitality – standing for long periods of time; doing dishes properly; wiping down tables; able to handle money honestly; cleanliness; can work fast; politeness; serving customers; and taking orders.

What to put down in the CV

Based on the above, we can safely say that jobs for teenagers also require being punctual, honest, mature, and a willingness to work hard and to the best of abilities. So, teenagers need to think carefully about what could be relevant to a potential work role, such as skills and other knowledge learned in school.

Teenagers also need to remember that employers don’t expect several pages from a teenage applicant. What employers are expecting aside from school and other minor experiences is what the applicant can “show” on the CV in terms of ability and character.

Don’t forget the basics

  • Name, address, and date of birth.
  • Contact phone number and email address (having voicemail is an advantage so the caller can leave a message).
  • Eligibility to work in Australia.
  • Days and hours available for work (this is critical because employers try to see your availability to work)
  • Subjects at school, especially those that are relevant to the work or apprenticeship.
  • Extra-curricular activities in school and out, such as hobbies and sports.

Have a career objective paragraph after the name and contact details. The teenager can explain why the part-time job or apprenticeship job is needed and how it links to long-term career goals. If any volunteer work has been done, this is important and must be written down in the CV, whether it is relevant to the job or not.

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Posts by Admin | February 12, 2020
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